History of our Campaign

It started in August 2017 as a combination of our existing projects. However, its creation is a result of over 3 years of hard work. You can read about all this below, nonetheless we also invite you to our blog, where particular events and travels are described in more detail.

How it began? – December 2014

The beginnings of our project work date back from 2014, when we organized Project Christmas. Its goal was to draw the attention to the primal meaning of Christmas, which, what everybody can agree with, is far from today commercial shape. Within the scope of project we conducted a charitable action Santa for Homeless – we gave away clothes and food. We also created a medium-length movie "One Moment". After the 13 December 2014 premiere, we decided not to rest on our laurels – we wanted to continue our work, improve our skills and gain experience.

Idea for Treasure of Domeyko – beggining of 2015

Motivated by the help of "people of good will" (how we call those, who gratuitously support our actions), at the beginning of 2015 we made the decision to start a new project called "Treasure of Domeyko". Its goal was Polish-Chilean cultural exchange, but also promotion of the figure of Ignacy Domeyko in Poland and abroad. We also made a full-length feature film – we wanted to present Domeyko in the most interesting and approachable way. After months of hard work and a lot of preparations in July 2015, the first film slate clap on our movie set in Cracow was made. Five days later, a 15-people film crew flew to Chile. Then, we all knew that there was no return. However, we didn't know, that our small initiative would develop into a huge project, within the scope of which a series of meetings, presentations and cultural events would occur.

Idea for Following Wagner

Since 2013 we helped with the renovation of Zjawa IV yacht in Gdynia. It was there where we learned about the first Pole to sail the world – Władysław Wagner. We were part of the team supporting the "OdySEA Władka Wagnera" voyage. We were getting ready for making a series of short films promoting the action and after that, also some documentaries. Unluckily, our tries weren't as successful as we wished, as there was more and more work required by the yacht. Nonetheless, the figure and achievements of Władysław Wagner made a stay in our minds and hearts for longer. Nobody from our surroundings knew about Wagner's achievement and therefore we promised to ourselves to change it!

Caribbean Voyage

After many tries of recording in Gdynia and acquisition of new sponsors and partners in January 2016, we set off on our voyage on Zjawa IV (which sailed in "OdySEA Władka Wagnera – Vouage around the atlantic") to sail through the vast waters of Caribbean. Our main goal was collecting video and photo material, which we could only dream about in Poland, because no one took us seriously back then. In the British Virgin Islands we had the chance to discover many aspects of Wagner's life and to meet amazing people – even his close coworker Obel Penn. Morover, on the Bellamy Cay island we had the opportunity to visit places build by Wagner. After we had come back from the Caribbean, a lot more people became interested in our project and offered us help.

Why "Images of Poland"?

Throughout our many journeys abroad within our campaign, we realised how little the foreigners (especially those from outside Europe) know about Poland. For this reason, we decided to promote not only the figures of Domeyko and Wagner but also their homeland – how it was like in the past and how it's now. Hereby a third idea for a project was born – Images of Poland. Within its scope we're recording a series of educational movies showing the most interesting and beautiful sights, elements of culture and pieces of history of our country. It's produced in Spanish, with Polish and English subtitles. Until now, we have filmed in Toruń, Zakopane and Tricity.

Start of the "Domeyko & Wagner – Heritage" campaign

Three projects, fourth on the way – throughout these 3 years we achieved more than we had expected. To make communication and renown gain in the media easier, we decided to join them into one campaign – “Domeyko & Wagner – Dziedzictwo”. The official inauguration of the campaign took place on 8 August 2017, during the visit of Domeyko’s great grandchildren. Paz Domeyko officially opened the IgnaśTV’s new film editing room under the name of Domeyko and Wagner, which was made over by our volunteers. What’s more, in the evening the campaign started officially in the media on TVP Polonia in “Halo Polonia” programme.