Our goals

Our campaign could be called “the second face of education”. Nobody foisted the idea of “Great Domeyko” upon us. Inspired by the support of “the people of the good will” we wanted to learn more and more about Ignacy Domeyko and Władysław Wagner and hence we set ourselves out these many objectives.
  • interdisciplinary education of the youth through self-realisation and learning on mistakes under the supervision of teachers, whose role is limited to control only
  • cultural education with young people from other countries taking part in the project
  • charitable actions for the needy people related to the figures of Wagner and Domeyko
  • international exchange – culture, experience, hobbies
  • increasing the social awareness about Ignacy Domeyko (polish geologist, Chile explorer, native Americans’ rights defender) and Władysław Wagner (the first Pole to sail the world and responsible for British Virgin Islands’ development)
  • promoting Wagner and Domeyko as respected Polish people – friends of the youth, not only great and unknown
  • promoting Poland abroad
  • organisation of shows, presentations and exhibitions related to Wagner and Domeyko
  • staying in touch with Domeyko’s and Wagner’s families
  • cooperation with Poles living all around the world to organise collaborative initiatives
  • production of movies, reports, photoreports related to Domeyko and Wagner
  • publication of felietons, educational materials and reports of Domeyko and Wagner
  • conducting research in order to discover the history and achievements of Domeyko and Wagner