Treasure of Domeyko

The oldest project making up the campaign Domeyko & Wagner - Heritage. Its main goal is promoting the figure of Ignacy Domeyko and Polish-Chilean cultural-exchange, for example by jointly producing a full-length feature motion picture. In summer 2015 our team traveled through Poland, Lithuania and Chile to shoot the film. A year later the most popular spots of Paris, the picturesque village of Pasieki and Warsaw (the capital of Poland) also became our movie set.




Ignacy Domeyko



A short summary of meetings with representatives of various authorities and institutions.
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What does Domeyko's family think about the project?
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We worked together
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In Chile there's a mine... under the name of Domeyko!
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A place at the end of the world, steeped in Polishness.
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Liceo Cordovez played an extraordinarly important role in Domeyko's life... but also in our project!
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Our actions

"Treasure of Domeyko" Movie

A full-length feature film, telling the story of Ignacy Domeyko from the perspective of two main characters seeking for the treasure. It's not a historical movie - we wanted to show him as a man, who can be everybody's authority.

An amazing group of many various personalities, however united under their eagerness to work, talent, passion... and lack of salary – all of them played for free,
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It's almost impossible to tell by name everyone of the over-50-people-big film crew.
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Throughout filming the "Treasure of Domeyko" we had the pleasure to work with an unusual actor!
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There are unique historical flashbacks incorporated into the film, which show Domeyko's life through short retrospections.
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Making-ofs and photos

Materials showing the process of creation of the whole project and film since coming up with the idea. 3 years of production abounded in many amazing events and moments of joy but also some dangers and difficulties.

World in Domeyko's eyes

A series of reports and photo arts related to life and and activity of Ignacy Domeyko and their juxtaposition to present day.

Images of Chile

A series of educational materials which goal is to increase the awareness of Chilean geography, climate and culture.

Domeyko's life calendar

A series of infographics presenting the whole life of Domeyko in an approachable and chronological way.