Descendants of Domeyko

Ignacy Domeyko had four children – Anna (which died childless), Henryk (died shortly after birth), Herman (who became a priest) and Kazimierz – the only one to prolong the house’s line. We’ve had the remarkable opportunity to meat four descendants of Domeyko.

Pablo Domeyko was met by us already in Chile. The great grandson took us as guests and told a lot of interesting stories. Moreover, heagreed to play in our film.

During the project we had the pleasure of being visited by Domeyko’s great grandchildren in Poland. In 2016 Mr Pablo Domeyko with his wife Mrs Carmen Letelier came and in 2017 Mrs Paz, Mrs Cecilia and Mr Miguel Domeyko. they travelled to us from three continents – Australia, North America and South America.

We guided them round the most interesting and important for them places in Warsaw. The common part of both visits was seeing the tomb of Anna and Leon Domeyko at the Powązki Cemetery in Warsaw. Each of the great grandchildren saw it for the first time in their life. The grave is taken care of by the CXXII High School of Ignacy Domeyko in Warsaw.

The descendants of Domeyko also visited the Warsaw Uprising Museum where they met the witnesses of 1944 events.

An equally important part of the visit was seeing our school. Because of Pablo coming an official meeting with the students took place. He spoke about his great grandfather and about culture of Chile.

On the other hand, Mrs Paz and Mr Miguel ceremoniously opened new film editing room under the name of Ignacy Domeyko and Władysław Wagner renovated by us during the holiday. In the evening we took part in the “Halo Polonia” programme on TVP Polonia, officially inaugurating the “Domeyko & Wagner – Heritage” campaign.

In the free time we guided Domeyko’s great grandchildren around the Old Town in Warsaw. While talking with Domeyko’s family we learned many new important and interesting facts about Ignacy’s life. In conclusion, both we and our guests gained a lot of experience and knowledge thanks to these meetings.