Domeyko's house

House, which belonged to Ignacy Domeyko is situated in the centre of Santiago. He lived there since 1849 till his death in 1889. Within this time he was a president of the most prestigious university in Chile. Since those times, the house of the Polish engineer and the great patriot has remained almost untouched. The original furniture and accessories used by Domeyko are still there.

Domeyko’s housed played a huge role also many years later. During the communist reign in Poland, it was an important meeting place for Polish people living in Chile.

In summer 2015 we had the pleasure to visit this place steeped in history and the figure of Ignacy Domeyko and furthermore shoot our motion picture. We recorded in authentic, fully-furnished interiors, which makes our movie an excellent historical source. Additionally, the documents located in the house were of a great value to us (for example Domeyko’s Honoris Causa Doctorate).