The plot of the “Treasure of Domeyko” movie is often interlaced by flashbacks – short retrospections from the scientist’s life. Shooting them was a difficult challenge for us because it required excellent knowledge about the ways of dressing-up, interior design and realities of life in the 19th century. Additionally, to a few of them we used either blue or green screen in order to later achieve a ghost effect.

To be able to best picture each of the past events, our scenographers practiced doing make-up under the eye of Mrs Maja Gawińska-Łyczkowska and Mr Piotr Łyczkowski. Gained skills were found useful eg. in the Basilian Monks’ Church, where we filmed as one of the first film crews in history. It’s there where Domeyko was imprisong along with other Filomats, about which we can read about in “Dziady” by Adam Mickiewicz.

We also recorded the flashbacks in Liceo Gregorio Cordovez in Chile, both in a special museum room and corridors.

The next event form Domeyko’s life brought us to the Collegium Novum, where we filmed for a flashback from the ceremony of awarding Domeyko the Honoris Causa Doctorate. Some roles were played by the present choir and seniors of the Cracovian Academic Choir of the Jagiellonian University. By courtesy of the university original togas were made available to us. However, the props like a chain and rector sceptres were handmade by our scenographs. In our opinion, this act is one of the most eye-catching and its magnificence is largely caused by the song “Gaude Mater Polonia” perforned by the choir.

The last recorded flashback was the one from Domeyko’s funeral, which, with its especially composed music, will definitely deliver an unforgettable experience to the viewer.