Pablo Domeyko as an actor

Can you imagine a better actor than one, who acts as himself? Mr Pablo Domeyko turned out to be astonishingly sensitive, eager to cooperate and incredibly involved in his role. We were strongly concerned about our movie’s authenticity, which Mr Domeyko brilliantly understood and thus wanted to help us on every step.

He was always concerned about details.

“Once, we had had everything recorded, but Mr Pablo said, that there was a garden hose and in his opinion totally destroyed that shot. Well… we had to repeat everything! It had to be perfect! Amazingly hardworking man.”
~ Sylwia Skrzypczak, main actress in the “Treasure of Domeyko” movie.

Mr Pablo also appreciated our scenography.

“After we had finished recording and we were packing our equipment and props, Mr Pablo… reprimanded us as if we were to lift something from Domeyko’s house… however, he was wrong. Our scenographers polished everything up to the smallest detail, so that Mr Pablo deemed our sign really having belonged to Ignacy Domeyko. Nevertheless, a while later we explained everything to each other.”
~ Marcin Grochowski, director of the “Treasure of Domeyko” film

Or cooperation ended surprisingly well and we look forward to another such wonderful meeting.