Polish-Chilean team

“Treasure of Domeyko” project encompasses widely understood international cooperation, part of which cultural extramular exchange can be qualified as.

Together with the students of Liceo Gregorio Cordovez of La Serena and Escuela Juan Pablo II of Coquimbo we produced Chilean movie shots. We traveled across this unusual country on a bus, which Escuela Juan Pablo II lent us. Moreover, after a short training, our Chilean friends took care of the movie slap and characterization. They were also a huge help for the sound and camera operators.

Beyond our hard work, we managed to find some time to rest a bit. A wonderful occasion for that were Polish and Chilean “evenings” in La Serena Liceo and school in Coquimbo. These were very joyful moments, during which we could get to know both each other and each other’s cultures better. Moreover, we were able to taste Polish and Chilean cuisine.

Dancing was also important for us – mostly latin american cueca and Polish polonaise.