KGHM Sierra Gorda Mine

When we were in the Atacama Desert, we experienced hospitality from the Polish-Chilean-Japanese KGHM copper mine in Sierra Gorda. For a few days we became a part of its society. We got to visit the driest place of the world and because of its unique specifics, everybody had to undergo a medical check-up.

The mine was established in 2014 and it was named after Ignacy Domeyko. Its the largest copper field in Chile. The miners work there shifts and live in there, hence creating a separate “town”. Thanks to its own rescue system and its own canteen (where we met for the meals), the mine is relatively self-sustaining.

By courtesy of our host we stayed in the mine’s campus for a few days. However, this isn’t all yet! We also had the chance to see how this stunning mine’s organism works up close. Having learned some theoretical information, we went out into the field. We got to the furthest spots of the mine by a special, red bus. We had the opportunity to stand directly at the outcrop, watch the miners work and look at mining machines we had never seen before.

The end of our visit in the mine was celebrated with a Polish-Chilean football match. The match between our film crew and KGHM Sierra Gorda staff were played at over 1500 meters above the sea level. As you can probably already guess, the Chileans were unbeatable and we were happy to congratulate them after the game. 🙂